What if I am unable to attend my event?

If you let us know at least 48 hours in advance, we would be happy to help you reschedule. Just email us at info@PlantNite.com. However, if you've already missed your event, your options will be limited. What would happen if you had tickets and were unable to attend a Queen concert, or the hot new Broadway smash hit? 

It's the same with our events. If you miss an event, we can't reschedule or refund the tickets after the fact. When people are late, we also can't spend too much time catching them up. We set the start time so that everyone can have as much fun as possible.

While we know--and empathize--that life happens and your schedule can change last-minute, our events take planning, seats are limited, and our artists are compensated by the number of tickets sold. If it is am emergency you can always contact Info@PlantNite.com 

You can always send a friend in your place. Just tell them to check in under the name of whomever bought the tickets in the first place, and then come plant with us at a time that works for your schedule!

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